Month: December 2018

Branded designer bags are not only expensive but also serve as the symbol of the status and pride. The bags are made of high-quality leather and the designs are unique. The designs are usually patented to prevent copying. The replica of the branded bags is widespread.

Counterfeit and knock off bags:
Have you ever got a beautiful branded handbag at a cheaper price? Then, watch out!. It must be a counterfeit bag. Counterfeit bags are difficult to identify as they look exactly the same as that of branded designer bags. They even bear the logo of the brand. It is more like the theft of an intellectual property and many countries have banned the counterfeit bags production and sale. The quality is too bad. The leather is of low quality, stitches are sloppy and the bags won’t withstand wear and tear.
Knock off bags are also the look-likes of original branded bags but they won’t bear any logo and are legal. The quality of the knockoff bags are good and the price is affordable. These are the actual replica of the designer bags.

Now the challenge is finding the difference between counterfeit and knock off bags. Minor differences will be there, but one should pay attention to the details to find the difference. I have seen some of my friends who have bought a counterfeit one, thinking that as the original and ended up getting cheated and disappointed.

Always keep in mind that branded bags never come with cheaper price tags. Some people preferably choose to knockoff bags as they look like branded one and good quality-wise. But they won’t come with a warranty like designer bags. The luxurious branded bags guarantee a long life and easy maintenance, which is not the case with replicas.…

Biblical knowledge is very important for every Christian. Nowadays it is becoming difficult to make the kids and the teens sit and read. But through fun games, we can get to know the Biblical phrases easily. When we play together as a family, it will increase the bond among the members of the family and bring joy and happiness. I will comprehend some of the best bible games which are interesting and informative too.

Bible Hangman:
Hangman is one of my favorite games ever. Bible Hangman is same as that of the traditional hangman. All we need is a white or black chalkboard. One can write the clues on the board, and the other player should guess the missing letters to complete the word or the phrase. For every wrong guess, hangman should be drawn by its side.

Bible charades:
This can be played among individuals as well as groups. In a small piece of papers, we can write Bible characters or short stories or Bible verses. One person should step forward, pick a chit and act out the verses in the paper and the other person should guess it right.

Biblical 20questions:
Check out this great Bible game 20 questions. One person or a team should think of a biblical character or a verse and another person or opponent team should find out the guessed personality or the Biblical quote by asking 20 questions. As the Bible is vast, we can narrow down the topics so that the teams can guess better.

Bible bee:
The players should sit in a circle and everyone should recite a Bible quote one after the another. When a person is unable to recite, then he will be eliminated and the game continues with the rest of the people.

I hope these games will make your family time fun filled.…